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The Influence of China and Britain

Author: Cliff Colquhoun | News | 0 comments | 15:26 7th October 2015

The intensified friendly cooperation between China and Britain serves the interests of two peoples and contributes to world stability and prosperity. Both China and Britain are countries of great influence and China is ready to further deepen exchanges and cooperation towards a China-Britain comprehensive strategic partnership with British business leaders optimistic about the years ahead. The Policy Chairman for the City of London Corp, said: "Over the past five years, the government saw China as a priority market with a long-term relationship including facilitating London as a leading centre for Chinese currency business. In recent years, the British government has strived to strengthen bilateral relations with China, especially economic ties and is working hard to attract Chinese investment. Britain was the first member of the G8 to become a founding member of the China-initiated Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, despite heated opposition from the US. For London, this change of direction has been driven by economic pragmatism, observes said. Britain is China's second-largest trade partner in the European Union as well as a main source of Chinese investment and the British Government wants to further strengthen economic links with extra support for British firms selling goods there. In 2014, trade between the two countries reached £51bn and this is expected to reach £65bn in 2015 despite structural readjustments to the Chinese economy. Wang Qing, a professor of marketing and innovation at Warwick Business School, said the two countries enjoyed a warm relationship from commercial to cultural. In March, Prince William launched the Great Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. Analysts have stated however that Britain's membership of the EU may cause uncertainty surrounding its foreign policies with Britain wanting to renegotiate the terms of Britain's EU membership. Europe's financial capital, London, is the gateway to the rest of the continent, including a significant and growing number of Chinese companies located in Britain and the overall business view is clear; Britain needs to be in the EU; engaged in shaping Eu policy. Britain is focused on completing the single market and encouraging the EU's free trade agenda; business wants to see the government press on with reform in the EU, which will benefit all UK businesses.

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