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From a given specification or from an existing sample


An existing product modified to customer specification or a completely new product design


Manufacturing product parts from multiple sources.


China Source and Supply import an extensive range of cosmetics and associated products from China. Products are manufactured to a high standard and in accordance with all EU legislation for cosmetic products. Packaging includes branding to meet your specific requirements and costs include all art-work and other set-up costs. A few of the product groups that we import are listed below:

  • Skin & Lip Care – Creams – Lotions – Powders – Eye Liner & Mascara
  • Lipstick – Nose Pore Strips – Wax strips – Nail Polish  – Nail Polish Remover
  • Foot Care including Foot Pedi – Wrinkle Eye Gel – Deodorants – Body Butter – Salts
  • Hair Care – Lip-balms – Heat Pads – Instant Cold Packs – Face Packs –  Petroleum Jelly.
  • Gift Packs to include any of the above designed as you wish at various price levels..

We are committed to quality and service when sourcing a supplier. All products imported are manufactured to the highest standards and samples are exchanged before any commitment is asked of our customers; further samples are approved prior to shipping.

For more information on how China Source & Supply can assist you, please call us on 01263 515 515 or email us at info@chinasourceandsupply.com