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Importing from China – Our Service

To take the gamble out of Importing from China

China Source and Supply was established in 2003 to eliminate the fears of importing products from a foreign country. Taking the gamble out of importing from China has been hugely successful and we are happy to say that our customer base includes many prominent names in UK businesses over a number of market sectors.
Nothing is left to chance.

A professional service you can trust

China Source and Supply work with SME, Corporate and Start-up businesses throughout the UK and in eight other countries. We invite you to join our existing customers, who demand and receive the same quality and service that they would expect from a good local supplier but at, sometimes substantially, reduced costs. These customers put their trust in us; we don’t let them down and we will not let you down.

All inclusive “Factory to Warehouse” quotes

Quotes are normally DDP (Delivered Duty Paid); the quote is all inclusive “from factory to your warehouse” i.e. there is nothing more to pay. We are also happy to quote FOB and CIF where customers have their own logistics facilities.

Extremely competitive pricing

Cost is one of the main reasons why importing from China is profitable to many businesses. Where a cost is negotiable, China Source and Supply have the clout to get the best possible factory prices and freight handling rates so when you receive a quote for the manufacture and delivery of your product, you can be assured that it is “probably the best price possible”.

Quality assured, approved manufacturers

To achieve the level of success we enjoy, we source manufacturers that have a track record of producing quality products, on time, according to a given specification and at, sometimes substantially, reduced costs. All manufacturers

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