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China 2015 What Now?

Author: Cliff Colquhoun | News | 0 comments | 16:59 1st May 2015

Chinese manufacturers are now complimented about the remarkably high quality of their products.

e-cigarette ban in China

Author: Cliff Colquhoun | News | 0 comments | 11:48 1st April 2015
Circlular warning disc with no-smoking message in red with red line throughand black e-cigarette

Smoking bans should include e-cigarettes, campaigners say

IFA Appliance Exhibition BERLIN

Author: Cliff Colquhoun | News, Uncategorised | | 1 comment | 16:18 1st March 2015

China Source and Supply: Eu distributor for TRAS GARMENT STEAMERS.
Join us at the IFA Appliance Exhibition.

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE

Author: Cliff Colquhoun | News | | 0 comments | 16:07 1st February 2015

Welcome to the new online home of China Source and Supply. WE HOPE TO HAVE THE SITE COMPLETED SOON!