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Importing from China – Our Service

Increased Profit Margins.
China Source and Supply was established in 2003. The purpose of our service was to eliminate the fears of those who were reluctant to import products from a foreign country by taking the gamble out of importing and in particular importing from China. This has been a hugely successful operation and China Source and Supply are happy to say that our customer base includes many prominent names in UK businesses over a number of market sectors.

In order to achieve this level of success, a process had to be incorporated into the sourcing process that introduced approved manufacturers that would provide products on time and according to customer specification. Whatever the size of the business, quality of the delivered product is essential and at the same time, the landed cost to the customer must allow for increased profit margins even when considering lead-times and in certain cases, the additional storage required.

Customer Support.
Once contact is made with China Source and Supply from a business looking to import products from China, the potential customer is made to feel comfortable that we will support them at every stage of the process. This trust is established between China Source and Supply and the customer and also between China Source and Supply and the manufacturer; without this three way trust, it is not possible to provide a total service that all parties can rely on. There is more to an agreement than an order number and trust is the other vital ingredient.

With this as the basis of all our agreements, it is no surprise that China Source and Supply have consistently achieved customer targets, company goals and high Service Level Standards. Our service starts by establishing customer expectations and ends well after delivery as our after sales service does not end on delivery like the transit insurance we provide but has in fact no time limit. The “factory to warehouse” service is a truly complete service with China Source and Supply taking responsibility at all stages of the process at all stages.

This level of service is available to all customers regardless of the market sector that they operate in. In addition to supplying numerous market sectors, we work with SME, Corporate and Start-up businesses. In addition to our large and loyal customer base in the United Kingdom, China Source and Supply provide products to customers in eight other countries including Europe and the USA. We enjoy a high level of repeat business because our customers believe that we get it right.

As a new customer of China Source and Supply you can expect the same level of customer support and service – making importing from China a hassle-free and cost effective experience.

Take the gamble out of importing from China.
If all that was important was finding the customer a manufacturer that would provide cheap products then life would be very different but that is not the case; customers nowadays expect the same quality, continuity and service that they would expect from a good local supplier. Without these guarantees, importing from China or anywhere else for that matter, would be “risky” – but there is no need to take these risks; China Source and Supply take the gamble out of importing and still provide products from Chinese manufacturers that offer these products at, sometimes substantially, reduced costs.

To be able to provide this level of service and support, we need qualified English and Chinese speaking people based at our UK head-office to ensure that your requirements are correctly communicated to the manufacturer, setting expectations and being there to update them at all stages of the process from factory to delivery. In addition to our head-office in the UK, China Source and Supply have two offices in China where our own agents provide a support facility for approving factories, arranging samples and carrying out essential pre-production and pre-shipping inspections.

Our agents inspect progress at each stage of the production process measured against your requirement specifications; samples are then taken from production where relevant and sent to you for approval. Nothing is left to chance; China Source and Supply take the gamble out of your decision to import from China.

Delivered on time, as specified
China Source and Supply provide products that end up in major supermarkets for sale at Christmas; these are seasonal products that must get there on time; late is not an option! So in addition to selecting an approved manufacturer that can be trusted to get the goods to the shipping port on time, it is then equally important that they arrive at the destination port before Christmas and to ensure that there is no gamble attached to this, we have established a business relationship with major shipping agents, established over the past 12 years, to ensure that the seasonal goods arrive on time. And the good news for you is that this same process is applied throughout the year to all products, seasonal or otherwise. Whether arriving to meet essential stock levels, to provide supplies to emergency services or getting products on the shelves for Christmas, we make it happen.

With over 30 years’ experience of importing from China, you can expect the best possible advice and support; you can also rely on China Source and Supply to make sure that your products are delivered on time and as specified by you.

An answer to your enquiry within 4 hours.
Would you like to have your questions answered? Would you like to know if we can find the right product from the right factory at the right price? Do you have doubts about importing from China? What is the minimum order quantity for a first order? What are the payment terms? Do you ship to (country)? Can I buy direct from a factory in China? Contact China Source and Supply today; you will get an answer to your question “within 4 hours”.

If you would simply like to know more about the process of importing from China from requirements to delivery, then call now and get an immediate answer. It’s good to talk.

If you know what you would like to import, send us the details now and you will have our response within 4 hours. Importing from China is what we do; it is all we do and we know what is required to make the whole process simple and hassle-free so trust the professionals; give us a call.

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